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But First…

IF YOU arrived here looking for

  • an expensive vehicle that will have all the overpriced bells and whistles that you don’t need
  • will put you in a massive car loan that will break your credit record
  • will crush your wallet with expensive and frequent repairs
  • ruin your chances at financial security…

… then you are in the wrong place. Why?

Because our family owned used car dealership does not, and WILL NOT do what the other car dealers do… look at you as if you are someone to exploit.

You see, we know what is going out there.   We have heard the horror stories in this industry for 44 years now.  It’s very disheartening to hear these stories from our new customers’ past experience with our competitors.  Our approach is different..

  1. At Auto Maxx Dover, we use a 144 point inspection process on every car we consider putting on our lot.  It closely mirrors the Maryland State Inspection process, the toughest in the nation
  2. We will NOT press or push you into a vehicle that you can’t afford!  While our competitors are doing anything and saying anything to get their customers on the hook for huge loans, we take a different approach.  Our values are practicality and financially sound long term thinking.
  3. We work very hard to procure only dependable maintenance friendly vehicles.  That means we often take a pass on some of the flashy trendy vehicles… because they require so much maintenance, and expensive impractical maintenance at that.
  4. We recommend to every car shopper to use the same process we do to ensure buying a good low maintenance car, truck or S.U.V.  That starts with getting a Carfax on EVERY car you are considering.  Knowing the maintenance history helps tremendously in feeling confident the vehicle will last you.  No one wants a vehicle that will fail before it’s been paid off, right?  Let us help you get a dependable vehicle, we are happy to help you with this important financial decision.
  5. We have a unique warranty that is unlike any other that we know of in the country.  It helps us maintain a standard that keeps us meeting the highest expectations, while at the same time helps protect our customers from unexpected major spirit crushing repairs.  Call us at (302) 697-7772 and we will explain to you just why it’s so different than any other car dealership you may have talked to.

In other words, we want customers who are as practical and long term thinking as we are.  If that sounds good to you, we would love to serve you.  Why not go ahead and fill out our easy application process on this page right now, see what your budget is,  and talk to us about what kind of vehicle will work best for YOUR situation?

We are serious about this.  To prove that, we have written the “Practical Car Buyer’s Guide To Buying A Dependable Used Car or Truck”

This is our free gift to ANYONE coming to this page, whether you buy a used vehicle from us or not.  Inside it, you will find practical advice on:

  1. Knowing what kind of car or truck you should get for your current circumstances
  2. How to ensure the vehicles you are considering are not soon to be broken down “lemons”
  3. How to use your used car purchase to build and improve your credit record
  4. Why buying used is the BEST choice for any car buyer
  5. How making a rash, emotional decision on a car can destroy your financial future (and how to avoid that)

Go ahead and fill out the application right here.  In just a few simple steps, you can apply to finance your vehicle with our secure online shopping tool. This online application gives you the convenience to apply for credit, whenever and wherever it works for you, so you’ll spend less time filling out paperwork in the dealership. Next, we’ll follow up to let you know which financing options best suit YOUR needs (not the car dealerships’)!