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We use a thorough process with our own in-house mechanics to ensure we don’t buy cars with suspect maintenance histories.
One of the biggest fears people have when they buy a car is buying someone else’s problems and get stuck with a lemon.

It’s difficult for the individual consumer to try to make that determination on their own. Our acquisition process for our inventory is rather extensive. We spend eight to 12 hours EVERY WEEK week analyzing used vehicles that are available for sale . We do a complete background check on the vehicles through CarFax so when we buy the used car, we know the car has service records behind it. We ask all our customers to do the same. We evaluate the marketplace for that specific model car. This ensures the price we pay will be a very competitive and fair price. When the vehicle gets to the dealership, put it through our 144 point certification process.
This process actually mirrors the Maryland state inspection process, the toughest process in the nation. So if you get a car from our dealership, this car has been hand picked for i’s value, as well as serviced and reconditioned. You can be certain, we’ve evaluated the entire automobile, any thing broken we have repaired. You get basically a well running car that has a service background, and one we guarantee a 100 percent, parts and labor, which is the most comprehensive warranty you can get from a car dealership anywhere in the country.

This is the service we may be most proud of: we offer our clients this free every 6 month safety and maintenance evaluation. This is the same recommended service if you bought a new car from Chevrolet, they recommend every six months to take the car back in to their dealership for a check up. They would also charge you anywhere from $100 to $250. Auto Maxx Dover does it for free. We do that service here at our shop.

Why do we do that?

So you become an informed consumer. We WANT informed, practical and frugal customers. Other dealers are preying on the uninformed car buyers, trying to increase the loan amount of their customers by waving hyped up “upgrades”, with no care at all for the customer’s financial well being. We can not do that. Our values are centered in sound financial practices. We value practicality and saving money, not spending it. You see, with our warranty program, if you get a small problem, i’s better handled then as a lower expense than ignoring it and letting it turn into a big expensive emergency! We say “Let’s repair it before it becomes a major problem tha’s financially too difficult to handle. This warranty works for both our end goals. It le’s us extend the life expectancy of your vehicle! Done this way, it makes used cars the better alternative to buying new cars, a depreciating asset, at full price. You get to keep it longer, as well as not having to buy replacement cars as frequent. That is truly the most important thing we do for our clients’ financial well being.

This process is employed on every vehicle we consider buying, but as you may have heard, the recent hurricanes have made this even more important. All over the country, used car lots are seeing vehicles from the hurricane hit areas of the country tried to be passed off as vehicles with no flooding damage. We will NOT take these vehicles unless they are completely upgraded and repaired to our high expectations.

So important is the maintenance records of the used cars or trucks that we sell, we have the most unique Used Car Warranty in the country.

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