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We want to pass on some good advice from the Better Business Bureau for you car shoppers…

Vehicles From Flooded Areas Finding Their Way Into Used Car Lots

Remember the recent hurricanes? Houston and Florida flooding has created an interesting by product, and that is vehicles that suffered from those floods popping up in local used car lots. It’s the same advice we use to discern whether a car or truck gets into our own inventory:

“If the car smells like mildew or moldy and if it looks like carpet was replaced that could be a red flag,” said Sue McConnell, Better Business Bureau Serving Greater Cleveland.

The BBB encourages you to make sure the windows and windshield wipers work. Also look for fog around the mirrors and rust in the spare tire well and along the seat tracks.

“We ourselves are very diligent about checking the shape any potential used automobile we purchase for resale, be it from an auction or individual seller. We use a few separate processes, to make redundancy work for us to weed out a flood damaged vehicle from ever finding it’s way into our inventory. Full disclosure is important, any used car buyer should expect that standard to be met with a reputable used car dealer.” – Christa Deblasi

3 solid car models that are ideal for the used car shopper?

Kiplinger has an interesting assessment about 3 vehicles they recommend are good value for the used car shopper.

They suggest the Ford Escape, the Cadillac CTS, and the KIA Sedona. Read the whole story here

We might add the Toyota Camry, and the Chevrolet Trailblazer. Stay tuned, we are putting out a Used Car Buyer’s guide, based on our 44+ years of experience, where we will lay out for you a game plan on how to buy the best used car for YOUR priorities, and avoid getting taken advantage of by ANY used car lot. Knowledge is power, and this know-how will save you money and heartache.

And lastly,

Did you know the Pope had a Lamborghini?

He does, but not for long.

Company executives gifted Pope Francis the flashy ride, a papal-themed Lamborghini Huracán, on Nov 15th. He has started the process to have it auctioned by Southeby’s. Funds raised by the car’s auction will go in part toward initiatives led by papal charity Aid to the Church in Need to rebuild properties that were destroyed by ISIS in Iraq.