Can a 44 year veteran of the Used Car Industry save you from the most common mistakes used car buyers make?

Can Ralph DeBlasio, owner of Auto Maxx Dover, have hard earned experience that can save you from buying a lemon, save your credit, save your financial future?  If you are looking for a PRACTICAL means to get a good quality used car without the pain of being ripped off by the used car dealer… read these important car buying tips below.

Ralph and Crista DeBlasi have been in the used car business for almost half a century.  They have seen the industry change in that time, but as their conversation below illustrates, human nature has been very consistent.  His advice below can save you from making common impractical mistakes on how you choose a car.  It is WELL WORTH your time to read, watch or listen to his advice below.

What are the most common mistakes made when buying a used car and what repercussions are those bad mistakes?

One of the first mistakes people make when they go to buy a car is they wait till they have to have a car in the car. They don’t plan ahead. I think anybody is going to be in the market to replace a car either driving asked us first when do I want to replace it when do I want to get a new car. They should give themselves anywhere from three to six months to do the necessary research to analyze the marketplace and to preview the different makes and models are available for them. Most people wake up one morning and that’s when they make a big mistake.

Because they go in without a plan and that makes them more susceptible to suggestions by people that don’t really have their best interests at heart. They don’t discern the priorities of what they want out of the car and what they are willing to pay for the things they want and need. So one of the questions they should ask themselves about considering a used car is what I enjoyed most about the car I’m driving and if this is something specific I really enjoy.

You want to improve upon it or at least get as much as you had before. And that’s one of the practical questions they should ask when they’re shopping for a used car. Most people just aks”what’s the price?” What they SHOULD be asking is will the car do this for me based upon what they value.

The next question they should ask themselves is if they are replacing the car for a specific reason. They should ask themselves also what would they alter or change about the car they drive now that would give them more satisfaction and more usefulness or more enjoyment. Have they had service problems, have the repairs been extensive and expensive. Does the car break down frequently? Was the car big enough? Do they need a six passenger car instead of a five passenger car, for example. They should consider this before they go shopping for a used car. if they don’t know these things, they’re going to focus on the price and the payments and then may wake up buying the wrong car at too much money, for too long a period of time. And once they analyze all this, the one question they ask themselves of all the things my next car could does for me, what is the number one priority I want the car to do for me ? What do I really need it for and how much am I willing to pay for that.

What is the BIGGEST FINANCIAL mistake people make when buying a used vehicle?

That’s the biggest mistake people make is they overpay because they buy cars based upon things they would like to have, but not need.  Remember we just mentioned, you want to avoid being susceptible to suggestion.  They see something shiny and new gadgets and the budget goes out the window.   This puts the buyer in a very tough spot later, financially.  That’s why I say stay focused on the primary thing, what do you really want the car to do, and how much are you willing to pay for it.

I’ve been in this business for 44 years.  I’ve seen it all.  I’ve seen this cycle happen for years and it is constant.  I’ts very dispiriting for a practical frugal person myself, to see my fellow Dover Delaware citizens get in the cycle of buying more car than they can afford.

It really is the worst part of the business, I see it happen all the time.  The vulnerable used car buyer will come to a used car dealership without having any idea about the car, what they really want the car to do for them. It’s amazing. And that’s a big mistake from the get go. They find themselves with an overpriced wrong car. We unfortunately see it all the time.

What are some of the most painful ways that these car buying mistakes manifest?

The biggest thing is they destroyed their budget, they destroy their credit rating. They buy a car that they really can’t afford and drive it for three years and end up wanting to get out of it, but they have a six year loan and so they can’t get out. Or they buy a used car that is expensive to service and maintain, and they can’t do the repairs and make the payments the same time. A lot of people don’t understand long term maintenance factors about the car.

They don’t think about that when they buy a car. I drive a Crown Victoria. The reason I drive a Crown Victoria? Nothing goes wrong with them. If something goes wrong on the car, it’s inexpensive to replace. They are used by taxi cabs in New York to get 300,00 to 400,000 miles. That’s what I drive. I don’t like to spend money at a car shop on repairs.

For example, what would you think it costs to replace a water pump on a Chevy Trailblazer, a good solid maintenance friendly car?  Somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 – $250.

Now, how much would it cost to replace that on a volkswagon or an audi? I just priced one out. It would cost me $1800.00.   Why? The mechanic has to take the entire front end off to replace that part.  You see the long term problems with that, for those on any kind of practical budget?

For example, I just had a customer, a long time customer of 20 years. And she’s always financed cars in house with me. I always sold her good domestic cars like Chevrolet’s and Ford Escorts. You never have big problems with them. She came in she got a Volkswagen Beetle. I said let’s look at something else. “I want that yellow beetle!”

That’s all she wants.

She has very very minimal income. She works at a diner somewhere making 10 bucks an hour if she makes that much, maybe more with tips. Well, her car broke down.  She came to me. I finally got a garage to do it for a thousand dollars. But I had to call the finance company, find someone to make her a loan for the repair.

She had to let the car go back and her credit was ruined again. This ioes on in the industry all the time, people don’t research what they’re buying. They see the color and they say “I’ve got to have it”. Forget the fact that it’s a 2010 used vehicle with a 140,000 miles on it.

There is much more to come in our Used Car Buying guide.  Stay tuned to this space soon for Part 2, where you will learn:

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  • How to find your next used car with a process that weeds out the recurring maintenance nightmares
  • How to use your monthly car loan payment to improve your credit record
  • How to avoid being pressured by a used car salesman into buying more car than you can afford (ensuring a crisis in your financial future)
  • and much more!

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